Kevin Conness – Vocals/Guitars

Jason Braatz – Electric Bass

Charlie Giesige – Drums/Percussion

Julien Kent – Keyboards

Kelyn Crapp – Guitars

Based in San Francisco, the Kevin Conness Band, formed in 2016, is comprised of experienced musicians inspired by each other and their shared drive to put soulful original music out into the world.

Kevin Conness fronts the band with lead vocals and guitar, joined by Jason Braatz (bass and vox), Charlie Giesige (drums), Marcelino Quiroz (keys), and Kelyn Crapp (lead guitar).

Their debut EP, released February 2018, is charged with a diversity of sounds, their performances feel familiar, like catching the sound of a groovy daytime walk through the park. The lyrics, however, often touch on a different note.
A few years ago, Conness was in a long boarding accident that almost took his life. But coming so close to death gave him a sense of urgency, and after over ten years of playing music in other groups, it was time to take the reins, put a group together, and focus on writing/producing.
A lot of the songs are about relationships. Others are about the complexities of life—especially what it is like to recognize the fragility of time. But all of the compositions draw from real experiences and speak to the audience in a straightforward way through soulful, down-tempo songs, combining a variety of styles, including rock, soul, jazz, funk and hiphop—not surprising the band is made up entirely of music majors.
They also often have special guests sharing the stage with them at their Wednesday night residency at Tupper & Reed – as well as at their First Saturday residency at Pop’s Bar.